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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Bahias De Huatulco

Huatulco Mexico

All about the southern pacific area of Mexico called The Bays of Huatulco.

Huatulco MapsHuatulco Mexico is a coastal paradise located one hour by plane from either the city of Oaxaca or Mexico City. It is located along the southern Pacific coast of Oaxaca where the Southern Sierra Madre Mountains meet the sea.
Because of its geographic location, the topography is marked by mountains, valleys, slopes, long sandy beaches, small intimate coves and fresh water lagoons, and home to unique species of birds and fishes.

  • The coastline has nine protected bays  and 36 beaches, all part of the Bahias de Huatulco National Park.
  • Main tourist centres include  Tangolunda Bay and Santa Cruz Bay with spectacular coral reefs teeming with marine life.

Huatulco, one of Mexico's most recent resort projects, is quickly on its way to rivaling the country's better known recreation zones.  With each new development, planners experiment with and perfect their designs, and Huatulco has benefited from its predecessors.  Scattered across 20 miles of ideal Pacific coastline in the state of Oaxaca, the resorts are set in bays that break up the sprawl.
The principal bays are

  1. Santa Cruz Bay,
  2. Chahue Bay,
  3. Tangolunda Bay,
  4. Conejos Bay

There are golf courses, horse stables, tennis courts, marinas, trendy restaurants - pretty much everything you'd expect out of a tropical beach vacation.

Huatulco means "the place where wood is adored" in the Mixteca language. One of its most important qualities is the fact that it still isn't plagued by mass tourism, thus ensuring that your stay will be truly pleasant.

The Bays of Huatulco are a place conceived for tranquility. Rest and relaxation.. a paradise on earth!

Mexico's newest master plan developed resort is found on the Oaxaca coast. It consists of a series of resort hotels built on beaches found in a string of nine small bays - an idyllic and unspoiled setting due to its close proximity to the mountainous jungles of the Sierra Madre del Sur. An eighteen hole golf course challenges the skills of the most adept golfers. Scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing and other popular water sports are practiced in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

What those tourists (and potential new investors) will find in Huatulco is a beautiful, unspoiled area offering a range of outdoor activities.

Seventy percent of the area in and around Huatulco is a construction-free zone, and building heights in town are almost always limited to three stories. It’s no surprise to find ecotours, given this area’s beauty. You can do ecotours from the comfort of a bus or on the back of a four–wheel-drive ATV. You’ll see waterfalls, rivers, streams, and a diverse and abundant wildlife population.

Working coffee plantations are just an hour away in the hills. On the tours you also can sample some of the local coffee. (Oaxaca is one of the top coffee-producing regions in Mexico, and you can buy Oaxacan gourmet coffee in most supermarkets.) Fishing, snorkeling, and diving are all very popular here. Every year Huatulco hosts several fishing tournaments.

The biggest tournament, the Torneo de Pez Vela Huatulco (Huatulco Sailfish Tournament) attracts professional sports fisherman. There are also numerous dive shops—with the hands-down favorite for locals and tourists alike being Hurricane Divers, with its modern, new equipment.

Enjoy the wide variety of attractions in Huatulco, an exciting place nestled amidst the enigmatic jungle. Indulge in the wonderful sightseeing available as you experience the sensation of being in direct contact with nature and the environment. Take time to get involved in the alternative, ecological touristic opportunities available. Enjoy, from a simple walk and bird watching, to mountain bike tours and horse back rides, traverse the jungle, not forgetting to take a refreshing swim at any of the beaches.

Bay Tours in Huatulco
This is the most amazing tour by far. You will admire the best Huatulco has to offer. Take time to contemplate the unsurpassed beauty of our beaches and bays, the underwater parks and the rock formations that give us the Bufadero, the Stone Face and the Organo Bay. You will get the chance to swim, snorkel and enjoy diving on the coral reef, plus music, games and seafood.

River Rafting in Huatulco
Besides the exciting experience of going down the river through the rapids, you will travel through the lush beauty of the surroundings on the two rivers of this region. You may choose from a variety of descents by kayak, raft or canoe. This is one of the more intense tours because it combines excitement, water and adrenalin all set to an overwhelming panoramic view.

Extreme Sports in Huatulco
Challenge yourself to the extreme sports you are most passionate about, surrounded by Huatulco's exuberant nature: the extraordinary river descent where the vegetation combines itself with the emotion of navigating the rapids and living the adventure of a lifetime; or rappelling in Punta Celeste among other activities.

Deep Sea Fishing in Huatulco
These waters are excellent for fishing; in abundance are sailfish and tuna. We'll provide the know-how and your reward will be this size of your catch!

Diving in Huatulco
The fascinating coast of Huatulco is a combination of beaches, cliffs, islands and coral reefs, all joined together to offer diving fans a great variety of locations. For the beginner, the coral reefs at La Entrega Beach in Santa Cruz Bay, as well as the coral tables of the Cacaluta and Montosa inlets, are excellent starting points where it is very common to find large schools of colorful fish.

Golf in Huatulco
Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Tangolunda Bay is home to one of the best golf courses along the Mexican Pacific. You'll be able to enjoy a game of 18 holes, par 72 of championship quality. The 13th hole is the most spectacular with an incomparable view of Tangolunda Bay.

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